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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

At Cosmetically Ink'd, we believe beauty is the connection between art and individuality. Each service we offer is a pledge—a commitment to enhancing your natural grace. Our story isn't written through words but shown on the faces of the women (and men!) that we have helped achieve the beauty goals they were searching for. 


Our Story

Our story starts with our founder, Nicole. From her early days at Pivot Point International Academy to the chic, welcoming space of Cosmetically Ink'd, Nicole's journey is a testament to her dedication and passion for beauty. Her path through the industry, starting with hair transformed into a love for cosmetic tattooing, sparking a new direction in her career.


Nicole didn't just set out to be another practitioner; she envisioned and brought to life a sanctuary for artists and clients alike—a place where impeccable service, personal empowerment, and artistic innovation aren't just goals, but the foundational pillars. Cosmetically Ink'd isn't merely a beauty studio; it's the realization of Nicole's commitment to excellence, a hub where each stroke of pigment serves not just to adorn the external but to embolden the spirit within.

Meet the Team

Cosmetically Ink'd was founded with both the clients and artists in mind. Each artist brings their unique artistry and specialized knowledge to the studio. With years of experience and a shared commitment to excellence, our team is is committed to making each client's beauty vision a reality. Get to know the faces that make Cosmetically Ink'd a sanctuary of beauty and a haven of transformation. 

Our Promise

From semi-permanent makeup to comprehensive aftercare, our promise is a flawless service using the finest products and pigments available. All of our services are guaranteed to be done with precision and care. We are dedicated to exceptional outcomes, which means we’re committed to your beauty journey both in and out of the chair.

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10710 31st St. 

Westchester IL 60154


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